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Pineridgice KolBlaeja, HCT
Leirbakka Kolur X Grimsnes Rof

Bred by: Pineridge Icelandics
DOB: 8-27-09
CKC #: WQ318149
UKC #:P694-467
AKC #: DN32266601
CHIC #: 82402
Blaeja has Full Dentition
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Our Working "Farm Dog"

Although Blaeja has not yet had any formal training or herding
tests, true to her heritage, she is a "working dog" here at home
where she has exhibited an uncanny instinctual "knowing" of
what is needed with our livestock.
Blaeja often helps bring in or send out our small Icelandic Sheep
flock, helps to keep our neighbors calves, who have a tendency to
blow right through our boundary fence to come over and nibble
our horses hay, out of our fields.
She also shows a desire to help with our horses, although this
"help" can sometimes be a hindrance, as I worry about her getting
kicked or stepped on. Blaeja intuitively "knows" when the horses
are misbehaving while working in the round pen or on a lunge
line, when a horse kicks out or bucks,
she is at it's heels barking saying "no, no, no"!
When Blaeja was about 10-11 months old we had a maiden mare due to foal, but not for
another 3 weeks. We arrived home very late one unseasonably cold June night after a
long day of errands to find our anticipated foal, several weeks early, freezing cold &
almost dead in a cold mud puddle rather than with her mom in the dry,
covered portion of the paddock.
An emergency vet visit was in order & the mare & filly stayed at the vets (in his heated
barn due to such strange cold June temperatures) receiving intensive care, IV fluids,
& antibiotics for several days.
When the filly finally came home, it was still quite cold, even in the covered portion of our
barn, which we put her & her dam in. We had no foal blankets that small & could not find
any on short notice in June, so we cut a fleece blanket to keep wrapped around the filly,
closed in her section of our barn as best we could to guard against any drafts, filled her
stall with deep shavings, & hoped & prayed she would make it.
The filly was nestled into her fluffy bed of pine shavings & fleece blankets getting some
much needed rest & her mom was quietly munching hay. I was watching from the corner,
reflecting on the foals chances when Blaeja nosed her head under the stall door right by
the mommas nose. She wriggled her way all the way in &, after nuzzling the mares
nostrils, eyes, & ears, she sat up on her hind legs as if begging.
The mare went back to her hay and Blaeja immediately came nuzzling over into the warm
ball of fleece, velvet, and pine that our little black filly was; licked her nostrils, cleaned her
eyes, & snuggled up right next to her & would not leave her for anything. The mare never
flicked an ear. She actually seemed to know Blaeja meant no harm and only to help.
The foal, did make a full recovery. Blaeja hardly left her side until she was well, frisky, &
active like a normal healthy foal. They maintained a special bond until the filly
was weaned & sold.
Blaeja remains a lover of horses, often standing up on her hind legs "begging" while she
wriggles and eagerly waits for the horse to nuzzle her. I will never forget the close bond
she developed with our little miracle filly, such an example of the excellent temperament,
instinct, and intuition in this wonderful breed!
Leirubakka Kolur "Kolur"
Breeder: Anders Hansen
Owner: Jill Fike, Canada
AKC: DN14073101
Iceland: IS05250/99
CKC: 1094122
Whelped: 11 March, 1998
OFA: IS-8G34M-NOPI - Good
Kolur is stunning with an exceptional & correct double long coat, beautiful
head, double dews on rears & single in front, very nice tail & ears.

Grimsnes' Rof
Breeder: Martin Lise-Lotte
Owner: Jill Fike, Canada
AKC: DN14177101
CKC: 1092923
Whelped: 24 April, 2001(Denmark)
OFA: IS-31E27F-PI - Excellent
CERF: Normal
Rof is a beautiful black tri from a line of black tri's starting with Frani Von
Dennenberg, the 1st ISD imported to Denmark by Ans Beer.
"Famous"  Family Members

Pineridgice Kolblaeja "Blaeja" is a Full Sister to

Pineridge Kolperla, TDI, CGC
– Owner/Handler Donna R. McDermott of
Eyjahunda Icelandic Sheepdogs

"Kol" was the #1 AKC Icelandic Sheepdog for 2010

2010 AKC National Championships, Eukanuba - BOB and
First AKC GCH CH Icelandic Sheepdog

2011: Evaluation of Breed Expert and FCI Judge
Guðrún Ragnars Guðjohnsen:
“Beautiful head, correct shape, good eye, good proportions.
Would like a little stronger under jaw. Very Good neck and
shoulder. Good Bones & angulations. Correct proportions. Well set
tail, curled on the back. Very good coat – medium length. Correct
Underline. Moves very well. Excellent Bitch that could lose a
pound. Champion Quality.”

2008: Herding Instinct Tested

2006-2009: Extensive Therapy Dog Work

"Kol" is a proven producer of Champions, including

INT/Nat Jugend Conformation Champion Eyjahunda Röskur

Int/Nat Jugend Conformation Champion, Multiple BIM
Eyjahunda Dagný, CGC, RN, IT (AKC Herding Interest Title)

AKC GCH CH, INTCH Eyjahunda Bragi, CGC

INT/Nat Jungsten CH Eyjahunda Friðsæla Njála, HT
“Kol” AKC GCH CH, INT/Nat CH, U-CH Pineridge Kolperla, TDI, CGC
“Kol” AKC GCH CH, INT/Nat CH, U-CH Pineridge Kolperla, TDI, CGC
A huge Thank you to Donna McDermott of Eyjahunda Icelandic
Sheepdogs for allowing us the use of this information and the
beautiful pictures we were permitted to use of "Kol" and
"Bubbie".  There is a wealth of information on the Eyjahunda
website about ISD's in general as well as the ISD's of
Eyjahunda/Dragonfly Farm, their offspring and the many
shows and activities that these very beautiful and talented
Icelandic Sheepdogs participate in.
For more about "Kol" or the other stunning Icelandic
Sheepdogs of Eyjahunda, we highly recommend browsing
Eyjahunda Icelandic Sheepdogs website.
Breeding Information:

Blaeja has delivered 5
puppies this June 2016!
See them

Blaeja had a 2014 litter  by
CH Bronze,
INT CH Eyjahunda Þórarinn,
PT, HT, TDI, CGC “Bubbie”

Blaeja has previously had a
litter in 2012 sired by:
AKC GCH Bjarkarkots
Hrói Höttur Luke CGC,

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