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Help Osk Find Her
Way Home...
$1,000 Reward for her safe
return or confirmed
information on her

Osk is a LOST Female Icelandic Sheepdog. She went missing on March 31, 2013,
Easter Sunday, near the Ogden Bay in Utah.

Although she was lost outside of Ogden, She could be
ANYWHERE, by now.

It is worth your time to look, there is a $1000.00 reward for her safe return or
information which leads to a confirmation of her whereabouts or possible death.

Call, text, or e-mail to report sightings DAY OR NIGHT! (801) 301-1415
This girl is our family, and we want her home!

"OSK" is approximately 25-30 pounds and 17" tall at the shoulder. She has a long
curled tail and upright "pricked" ears. She is a red sable (Brownish) with black
nose/mask and a white tail tip, white chest, white hind feet, and tall front white
stockings. She has **EXTRA DEWCLAWS** on her hind legs and is very friendly.
If she is not hurt somewhere and unable to move, she would definitely head towards
humans. She IS
MICROCHIPPED with Home Again and she was wearing a collar and
tags when she went missing! It is not like her to roam, and we are hoping someone has
found her and is keeping her safe and will see that

her FAMILY *misses* her very much & we all want her home!   

PLEASE Help us find our girl!

For easier sharing, and tracking of any sightings, we have also set up a Facebook Page

It is with broken, heavy hearts that we must share; we discovered
yesterday that it is likely a neighbor shot and killed Osk. While we
cannot prove this, as there were no witnesses, and now, several months
later, we still do not have a body, we have no reason to doubt our
source of this information. Because of this we have decided to end the
active part of our search for Osk in order to grieve and find closure.
This page will remain up in her memory. Thank you to all who spent
hours searching, who have spent time praying, who have had our
family and Osk on your minds and hearts and have carried this burden
of grief and worry with us. We will not forget.
In Loving Memory